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Majors Super Challenge

Official Rules

The Contest:

  • Select a foursome of pros from the drop downs
  • Entries must be submitted prior to the listed deadline.
  • The accumulated total prize money earned by the selected golfers will determine the winners.
  • Final prize distribution is at the discretion of For Love of the Game and will be determined by the number of entries.
  • If a pro withdraws from the tournament prior to taking a shot, the pro will be replaced with the winner from the previous year and if already selected the second place finisher and so on. The replacement will be placed in the fourth position and all other positions moved up if necessary.


  • Open to listeners on the For Love of the Game mailing list
  • Only one entry per listener
  • However, those NOT on the mailing list can submit their entries and answer 'Yes' when prompted to be put on the mailing list
  • Winners will be notified by email

Tie Breaker

If any two or more entries tie in accumulated prize money, the money won by the first selection will act as first tie breaker followed by the second selection if needed, and so on. If a tie is still not decided and the entries are not identical, the lowest accumulated score on Sunday will act as the next tiebreaker (then Sat and Fri if necessary). If two or more entries have exactly the same entries and are eligible for prizes, the time of entry will be used as the tiebreaker with those submitting first winning the tie.


AIM IT Services, LLC shall act as contest and website administrator. If you have any questions regarding this contest, please email
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